Oast Extension

It’s all going well!

Coombs (Canterbury) Limited commenced work on Monday, 18th June and after only four weeks have completed all the drainage and foundation works.

And it’s all happening…

The erection of the steel frame started on 24th July – see photos here – with the second phase over the stage following on from the demolition of the existing roof and concrete tie-beam.

Demolition cannot start until after the last production of this season and River Drama’s production which finishes on 4th August.

On 5th August a working party will strip out the existing stage lighting and modify the the front of house bars in the auditorium to light the temporary thrust stage for our productions up until Christmas.  In order to accommodate the thrust stage, rows A and B will be taken out but there will be an extra performance to compensate.

There will be no drive through or parking whilst the extension is being built, apart from the four bays in front of the theatre, adjacent to the exit.  Access to these bays will only be via the car park exit.

The current entrance to the barn is closed off and therefore access to the Wardrobe and rehearsal room is via the fire escape staircase only (Hilden Manor end).

Some of the final Architect’s, Structural Engineer’s and Steel Fabricator’s  drawings can be viewed:

Architect’s –

Foundation & Drainage Plan

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Roof Plan

Structural Engineer’s –

Foundation & Ground Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Roof Plan

Second Floor & Roof Plan Sections

Steel Fabricator’s –

1st and 2nd floor plans

3D view


The Architect’s 3D views here will give you an indication of what the building will look like eventually.

[Article updated 24th July 2012]

Peter Galbraith

TTAC Project Manager