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Wildlife Art – Its History and Development

May 8, 2004

Some of the earliest of all known art (pre-historic cave and rock art) features wildlife. However, it might be more properly regarded as art about food, rather than art about wildlife as such. Then for a lot of the rest of the history of art in the western world, art depicting wildlife was mostly absent, due to the fact that art during this period was mostly dominated by narrow perspectives on reality, such as religions. It is only more recently, as society, and the art it produces, frees itself from such narrow world-views, that wildlife art flourishes.

Wildlife is also a difficult subject for the artist, as it is difficult to find and even more difficult to find keeping still in a pose, long enough to even sketch, let alone paint. Recent advances such as photography have made this far easier, as well as being artforms in their own right. Wildlife art is thus now far easier to accomplish both accurately and aesthetically. In art from outside the western world, wild animals and birds have been portrayed much more frequently throughout history.

The History and development of Wildlife Art.

The earliest known cave paintings were made around 40,000 years ago, the Upper Paleolithic period. These art works might be more than decoration of living areas as they are often in caves which are difficult to access and don’t show any signs of human habitation. Wildlife was a significant part of the daily life of humans at this time, particularly in terms of hunting for food, and this is reflected in their art. Religious interpretation of the natural world is also assumed to be a significant factor in the depiction of animals and birds at this time.

Probably the most famous of all cave painting, in Lascaux (France), includes the image of a wild horse, which is one of the earliest known examples of wildlife art. Another example of wildlife cave painting is that of reindeer in the Spanish cave of Cueva de las Monedas, probably painted at around the time of the last ice-age. The oldest known cave paintings (maybe around 32,000 years old) are also found in France, at the Grotte Chauvet, and depict horses, rhinoceros, lions, buffalo, mammoth and humans, often hunting.

Wildlife Art in the Ancient world (Classical art).

The great art traditions have their origins in the art of one of the six great ancient “classical” civilizations: Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, India, or China. Each of these great civilizations developed their own unique style of art. Animals were commonly depicted in Chinese art, including some examples from the 4th Century which depict stylized mythological creatures and thus are rather a departure from pure wildlife art. Ming dynasty Chinese art features pure wildlife art, including ducks, swans, sparrows, tigers, and other animals and birds, with increasing realism and detail.

In the 7th Century, Elephants, monkeys and other animals were depicted in stone carvings in Ellora, India. These carvings were religious in nature, yet depicted real animals rather than more mythological creatures. Ancient Egyptian art includes many animals, used within the symbolic and highly religious nature of Egyptian art at the time, yet showing considerable anatomical knowledge and attention to detail. Animal symbols are used within the famous Egyptian hieroglyphic symbolic language. Early South American art often depicts representations of a divine jaguar.

International academy of aesthetics training

August 24, 2016

IAA which stands for International academy of aesthetics training is a program which provides training for physicians, registered nurses and practitioners in the art of aesthetics and non- invasive cosmetic surgery through a practical approach. International academy of aesthetics is the world’s first social online learning management system that is solely dedicated to the field of aesthetic medicine, dentals esthetics and cosmetic surgery training.


They give you a perfect platform to learn so that you can excel in the field of medicine and make yourself better, and help people and do the needful. The IAA is the only training program in America which provides formal cosmetic surgery training in aesthetic medicine and surgery, for nurses, physicians and practitioners. Due to high demand IAA have included many important subjects for training in there profile and hence are accepted at higher rate by all trainees. IAA aesthetic courses online include aesthetics 101 training, Botox and fillers training, TCA Peel training, liposuction, liposculpting and fat grafting training, and many more subjects which are related to dentistry and cosmetics. They undertake everyone who is interested to take this training despite of the criteria of, whether they have prior experience in this field or not.

What are Madden Ultimate Coins?

August 8, 2016

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Chicago’s best siding company: James Hardie siding

August 8, 2016

A.B. Edward has an unblemished A+ Better Business Bureau rating; they are specialized in many types of siding work.  James Hardie’s color variance accuracy standards for ColorPlus technology finish are three times stricter and more tightly controlled and hence it is for sure that you receive the world’s best and fully guaranteed siding for your property james hardie siding.  The paint used in the process was made after more than four years in development and over 2,000 formulas tested.


This is mainly done to ensure every board meets James Hardie’s high standards, over 41 quality assurance checks are made throughout the manufacturing process.   Since 2003 A.B. Edward Enterprises has been providing Chicago land homeowners with products and installations in the roofing, siding, windows and gutters industry.  Their products are engineered to precise design specifications which are tested to meet national standards.  They are moisture-resistant and hence are more durable.   James Hardie products are also backed by a 50- year limited transferable warranty.  This will allow you to rest easy about your family being exposed to fire damage. When your siding is in need of repair, the expert contractors can provide the comprehensive repair services you need.

IAA – A leading American training program for aesthetic medicine and surgery training.

August 8, 2016

The International academy of aesthetics- IAA is a program started in America which intends to train physicians, nurses and practitioners, in the art of aesthetic and cosmetic surgery through both practical and theoretical mode aesthetic courses online. This fully integrated web based social learning management system and mobile app enables you to access the academy from any internet connection in the world with just a few taps of your fingertip.   Till date they have conducted much number of programs and have trained number of practitioners and physicians and nurses. They assure that the trainees will be well trained in the areas mentioned in their profile and will be able to work with confident with real patients in the actual world.


Courses which they undertake include aesthetics 101 training courses, Botox certification courses, express liposuction training courses, express liposuction training courses, express learning aesthetics courses, and practice management training courses.  This training is given by well qualified, trained and experience professionals and hence standard of teaching is maintained.

They train on following subjects, the ageing process; patient selection experience and communication; history and science of Botox; live hand on training for the cosmetics use of Botox, fillers and peels; training of the upper and lower face; dermal peel presentation and application; folds, wrinkles, cheeks, chin and lips enhancements; risk and benefits and compliance; facial nerve block techniques and pain management; and many other topics are trained which makes you a good practitioner.

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August 5, 2016

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Get the best training and information in Botox injections

August 3, 2016

The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery or called in short as AAAMS is involved in training physicians and nurses in cosmetic surgeries and help them improve their skills. As it is known that doctors will have to get better training to provide the best treatment to patients, the AAAMS offers best training procedures to physicians. You can get assistance from the best physicians and instructors on botox training from the AAAMS. Since the number of people demanding cosmetic surgeries and procedures are on the rise these days, it is important for physicians to offer best and error free treatments to their customers.


You can visit the aaams website and get desired information about the firm and the services they offer. There are lots of highly qualified physicians who lend their services at AAAMS. You can make sure that your skills are improved and also more information is availed on the subject. The Botox training can help you get a certification from AAAMS which can help you with further treatments. There are 3 day classes available at the firm, the details of which are provided in detail at the website.

Smile lift botox

August 2, 2016

Beverly Hills Aesthetics is the best known non surgical clinic, they offer BOTOX® treatments to eliminate wrinkles and help sufferers of migraines, acne, smile lift and excessive sweating. With BOTOX®, the expert team can help improve your self- esteem and put you on a path to better health and wellness. SmileLift™ is a revolutionary 30-minute non-surgical “expression procedure” invented by Dr. Assassa. It is designed to turn Perma-Mouth-Frown, a sad permanent drooping mouth corner, upside down thus restoring Mona Lisa smile lift.


The medical staff at Beverly Hills Aesthetics is well qualified in the procedures they perform each and every day, and are some of the most experienced staff in the area. The qualified medical staff and state- of- the- art facilities can provide you with the best possible results in a safe, relaxing environment. These are just a few reasons why you should consider Beverly Hills Aesthetics for your next non- surgical procedure. At Beverly Hills Aesthetics different types of equipment are used and provide the best results in aesthetic surgery available today. However, when it comes to aesthetic surgery, equipment and facilities can only go so far if you do not have the very best doctors behind them.

For more information about the procedures they perform and the equipment that they use is sure to contact them and set up your complimentary consultation with leading Los Angeles cosmetic and aesthetic surgeon Dr. Sam Assassa. Call (424) 284- 8933 and feel free to speak out every detail which you need.


June 7, 2016

Many people who use computers complain of eye strain. Looking at a monitor for a long time can strain your eyes or can make any other problems you are having with your eyes seem more noticeable.Even without special computer blocking glasses, taking care of your eyes is important for gamers, those working on IT, or anyone who lives in front of a screen.

The glasses’ features will help with your gaming, we’re impressed. How much are your eyes worth? That’s a tough question, but if you have the money, this will make your eyes feel better almost immediately.Our advice if you’re interested in something along these lines? Buy Computer and Gaming Eyewear on our website.

whiten teeth

Know about dental implants from dentist Hoboken

March 15, 2016

When a man needs substitution teeth, the dental practitioner ought to use dental implants or the synthetic tooth roots within jawbone as base for the missing teeth substitution. Keep reading to know more about dental insert surgery.

Diverse Dental Implants

According to hoboken dentist the two fundamental part of implants are endosteal and subperiosteal. Endosteal dental implants comprise of cutting edges or screws surgically embedded into an individual’s jawbone. Implants can possibly hold one or more man-made teeth as per requirement. On the other hand, a subperiosteal implant is comprised of a metallic casing appended to the implant projection. This fits well on the jaw line and one might take if off to be cleaned.

Know about dental implants from dentist Hoboken

Immaculate Prospects

As dentist Hoboken say, any grown-up with great good health might have this kind of surgical methodology. In any case, a patient ought to have sound gumline and adequate jawbone to give a firm backing to the implants. Little adolescents who haven’t completely built up their jawbones can’t have this surgery. Numerous other inadmissible dental patients comprise of pregnant moms, hemophiliacs, individuals who smoke intensely, and men and ladies with immune inadequacies. You should be prepared to take after the dental practitioner’s directions and be available at scheduled check-ups.

Dental implant Surgery

To begin the starting strides in this methodology, a dental expert takes dental x-rays of a person to figure a treatment which addresses the patient’s dental necessities. In the surgical method, the dental practitioner takes away all spoiled teeth.

How long did the holocaust last?

March 11, 2016

Holocaust reasons and the outcomes are very well known by all of us. You can read more at the famous online magazine “”. It’s an online magazine reader where you can get to read interesting topics on how long did the holocaust last, facts, health, fitness, etc.


Holocaust mainly started under the rule of the most strict and dominant king “Hitler”. Germany was humiliated by the Versailles Treaty after its defeat in World War I, which made it to lose its armed forces. With the German Empire destroyed, a new parliamentary government called the Weimar Republic was formed.

A major tool of the Nazis’ propaganda assault was the weekly Nazi newspaper Der Stürmer (The Attacker). At the bottom of the front page of each issue, in bold letters, the paper proclaimed, “The Jews are our misfortune!”  The Nazis came to power in Germany after World War 1 and they believed that Germans were “racially superior.

Wannsee Conference took place in Berlin in 1942, where German officials discussed the implementation of “the final solution”. Approximately six million Jewish men, women, and children (1.5 million children) were killed during the Holocaust. Half of the Jewish victims died in concentration camps or death camps such as Auschwitz.